16th - "Working with Guides" Workshop 7-9pm BST £20 - Zoom

17th - 7-9pm CET French Practice and Perfect

19th - 20th - AFC Zoom - "Is it Me or is it Spirit?" FULL

24th - 7-9pm BST Practice and Perfect


1st 7-9pm CET  French Practice and Perfect

14th - Staying in the Power Workshop 7-9pm BST £20 via Zoom

15th - 7- 9pm BST Practice and Perfect

17th, 18th, 19th AFC Zoom "The Demonstrating Medium"

22nd 7-9pm CET Practice and Perfect

27th-28th AFC Zoom "The Sitting and the Sitter"

29th - 7-9pm BST Practice and Perfect

31st - 1st August - AFC Zoom German "Advancing your Mediumship"


7-8 The Art of Private Sittings - Barbanell Centre 9.30am - 5pm

10-11 - The Psychic and the Medium AFC Zoom

14 - 7pm Zoom Divine service - Amadeity

16 - German Practice and Perfect 7-9pm CET Zoom

22 - Fenton SC Divine service 6.30pm

23-24 Advancing your Mediumship AFC Zoom

26 - English Practice and Perfect 7-9pm BST Zoom

28-29 French Advancing your Mediumship AFC Zoom

30 - 7-9pm CET German Practice and Perfect Zoom


4-5 Is it Me or is it Spirit - AFC Zoom

13-14 The Psychic and their Tools - AFC Zoom


SC = Spiritualist Church 

AFC = The Arthur Findlay College www.arthurfindlaycollege.or

Barbanell Centre - www.barbanellcentre.org